Chemical Handling
Product Name :
3M T-151 / T-156
Brand Name :
Feature :
  • Oil sorbent pad (17 x 19 in.)
  • Absorb hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous-based liquids (hydrophobic)
  • T-151 pads are half as thick as T-156 pads, making them an excellent wipe.
  • Capacity (per bale): T-151: 43.5 gallons. T-156: 40.5 gallons
  • Packing: T-151: 200 pad / bale. T-156: 100 pad / bale
Suggested Application :
Congested areas such as under docks, in shallow water, rocky shorelines, marshes, and beaches
Wipe off oil-contaminated rocks, boats, and equipment
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